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Kissy Classic Vest Bra Set

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Product Description

Model is Size S, wearing size S

Original Kissy Bra.
Whole set comes with bra, extra bra pad & underwear

Without steel ring

Fabric made of high-elastic yarn +100 Modal high-grade cotton fabric
Seamless, Japanese technology, special technology to reduce bra bulge
Three small details on the shoulder straps to prevent the strap from getting loose
Effectively prevent bra getting loose and sliding
Quantum chip, promote blood and breast circulation
Negative ions, improve elasticity of skin
360 ventilation holes, double cotton pads


Not just a normal bra, it contains quantum chip and negative ions.
Lets see whats the quantum chip does :

1.Improve microcirculation and immunity

2.Improves sleep and relieves stress

3.Promote blood circulation and relieve pain

4.Boost metabolism, detox

5.Effective radiation protection which neutralizing effect of electromagnetic waves in electrical appliances that protect human body from radiation and prevent damage to electrical appliances


Cup SizeHeightWeight
Bust Measurement

Size S

70A-70B-70C (32)155-160cm40-55kg78-80cm

Size M

75A-75B-75C (34)160-165cm50-65kg79-87cm

Size L

80A-80B-80C (36)165-170cm60-70kg86-94cm

Size XL

85A-85B-85C (38)170-175cm70-80kg93-101cm

Size XXL

90A-90B-90C (40)175-180cm80-90kg100-108cm


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